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Island Son Canada

Dragon Wing Tonic

Dragon Wing Tonic

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To celebrate 5 years of making hot sauce as Island Son Canada, I wanted to do something special.

Ginger, garlic, and sesame are balanced with the searing heat of Dragon's Breath & 7pot Burgundy Douglah. These rare, firey peppers (grown locally) will torch your tastebuds with my signature addictive flavours and sneaky heat!

Heat: 9/10

Jeff's Tasting Notes: Starts with sweet garlic, ginger, and sesame in the Asian BBQ realm. It then travels slowly into the perfect fire of Dragon's Breath chili in the roof of your mouth and lips, to an all-around slow burn from 7 Pot Burgundy Douglah.  

Awards: Best Hot Sauce, Chatham Hot Sauce Expo Awards 2024, Gold Medal - Most Unique Hot Sauce, Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo 2024

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