Too many cooks spoil the sauce.

I make hot sauces and condiments by hand in micro-batches here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. There are no middle-men between my crafted sauces and your tastebuds. Every sauce is prepared by my hands and is perfected to my taste. My mission is to add quality, flavour, and heat to your meals.

  • Bajan Tyga Bottles

    Bajan Tyga

    Bajan Tyga is a uniquely Canadian twist to a traditional Barbadian (Bajan) styled mango & Scotch bonnet-based sauce. I have developed a different texture and distinct mix of ingredients including Naga/Ghost peppers which originate in India (where tigers live) for more heat and a special flavour. Imagine a thicker, Caribbean, flavour-first sauce with a slow-building heat.

    Be careful… this Tyga has teeth!

    Heat: 6/10

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: Initially, you will experience the sweet acidity of mango and lime with the floral pepper punch of Scotch Bonnet pepper. This is followed by the savory base of garlic, turmeric, onion, and mustard. Finally, Ghost Pepper keeps you warm and coming back for more!

    Awards: Best Gluten Free Hot Sauce, Canadian Hot Sauce Awards 2020, Best Hot Sauce (2nd Place) Apex Awards 2022, Best Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce (3rd Place), Heating Up The Prairies, 2023

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  • Bottles of Island Son Canada Envy


    Envy is a hot verde sauce with an addictive bite!  

    Tomatillo, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, and my secret blend of toasted West-Indian spices that make all other verde sauces envious! This is perfect on tacos or a plate of nachos.

    Heat: 6/10 

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: Tomatillo, cilantro, garlic, lime, jalapeno, and poblano peppers frame the unique heat of Hallow's Eve peppers, striking you across the middle of your tongue. Additionally, roasted West Indian spices take your palette on a Caribbean cruise! 

    Awards: 1st Place, Chatham-Kent Hot Sauce Expo, 2023  

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  • Bottles of Tomato Brule

    Tomato Brulé

    Tomato Brulé is a tourtiere sauce, but also makes the perfect seafood sauce as well! 

    San Marzano tomatoes and Granny Smith apples create a sweet and savory treat that has a nice little kick from Ghost pepper. 

    Heat: 3/10 

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: Tangy and sweet tomato, balanced with the sharpness of Granny Smith apple, then rounded out by roasted pickling spices and a touch of ghost pepper.  

    Awards: Best Mild Sauce (3rd Place) Apex Hot Sauce Awards 2022, Best Salsa (2nd Place) Apex Sauce Awards 2022

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  • Bored In Woodstock Scottish Jerk

    Scottish Jerk

    This collaboration between Shane 'Viking Heat' Hammond and Island Son is highly addictive AND hot! Makes a great marinade or spicy dipping sauce if you like things on the spicy side!

    "Over 20 years ago I moved to Woodstock. I found they had a society of Caribbean and Jamaican groups that enjoyed bbq. I attended their functions and enjoyed their food - the jerk chicken caught my taste buds and I asked how they made it. I got 10 recipes that were all different so I played and added peppers beyond the scotch bonnets they used. After 10 years I developed the Scottish Jerk that won over all of the BBQs with everyone wondering how did this Scottish man do it?" ~ Shane 'Viking Heat' Hammond

    Heat: 8/10

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: Allspice, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg bombard your tastebuds at first, setting you up for a slow-burning 7 Pot Burgundy steamroller of heat. When used as a marinade, I find the cinnamon more prominent when baking or BBQing. This is a sweeter jerk seasoning with a generous amount of brown sugar. 

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  • Hallowed Satay

    This isn't your average satay styled sauce. This tangy peanut satay delivers bold peanut, lime, red curry, coconut milk, tamarind, thai chilis, and Hallows Eve peppers!

    This collaboration between Purple Tongue Hot Sauce Company and yours truly will make chicken skewers sing and beef dishes dance!

    Heat: 8/10

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: a balanced blend of roasted peanuts, fresh lime juice, red curry, coconut milk, lemongrass, tamarind, thai chili, and Hallows Eve pepper. Try it with chicken, beef, pork, lamb, or vegetarian dishes.

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  • Dragon Wing Tonic

    To celebrate 5 years of making hot sauce as Island Son Canada, I wanted to do something special.

    Ginger, garlic, and sesame are balanced with the searing heat of Dragon's Breath & 7pot Burgundy Douglah. These rare, firey peppers (grown locally) will torch your tastebuds with my signature addictive flavours and sneaky heat!

    Heat: 9/10

    Jeff's Tasting Notes: Starts with sweet garlic, ginger, and sesame in the Asian BBQ realm. It then travels slowly into the perfect fire of Dragon's Breath chili in the roof of your mouth and lips, to an all-around slow burn from 7 Pot Burgundy Douglah.  

    Awards: Best Hot Sauce (1st Place) Chatham Hot Sauce Expo 2024, Gold Medal Most Unique Hot Sauce, Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo 2024