Too many cooks spoil the sauce.

ISLAND SON CANADA makes sauces by hand in micro-batches.
Bajan Tyga and Tomato Brulé were crafted to add unique flavour and heat to your meals.

  • Jeff Davis with Bajan Tyga Hot Sauce

    Island Son Canada


    Island Son Canada Inc. was formally created by me (Jeff D) in 2019 but the story really begins in the 1960’s when my dad immigrated to Canada from Barbados. He eventually met my mum, and they started a family in Toronto.

    When I was a kid dad offered me some mysterious yellow sauce with my spaghetti one night that mesmerized my taste buds and had me craving more. I was hooked on the added flavour and heat!

    Meals have never been the same.

    I now add hot sauce to almost all my meals and have tried all manner of hot sauces – from mild to ‘prank’ level heat, from all over the world – yet was unable to find that specific flavour dad introduced to me.


    I began making my own hot sauces, experimenting with different peppers and natural ingredients, trying other Scotch Bonnet-based Caribbean sauces but something was always missing.

    It all became clear when my lovely wife, Jody, and I decided to travel to Barbados for a vacation in 2018. BINGO! The sauces around the island transported me back to my childhood.

    So, I had my base, but this wonderful flavour needed my own unique twist. I decided to marry the Barbadian flavour with a Canadian element. It just so happened that my Uncle Cliff, on my mum’s side, got me into growing and enjoying super hot peppers (Carolina Reapers and hybrid Naga peppers). He and my Aunt Joy grow some incredible peppers that I decided to add for the extra pepper profile/kick found in the Bajan Tyga.

    My mission: Bring that unique, intense flavour and heat to your meals.  


    Jeff D