• 'This sauce is gourmet GOLD!'


    'OMG the hot sauce!! So, so good! Fruity... a bit sweet... then the heat! Delicious on scrambled eggs.'

    - ANNE W.

    'HOLY S***!!! This is the best sauce ever!!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG I want to put it on everything!! I used it like a spread - and it was awesome. It is HOT, but I love that!'


  • 'Just tried the Tyga on some chili. Wow. That’s flavour!!!
    My scalp is a bit tingly. Can’t wait to try on BBQ chicken, chops.  You gotta winner! Mmmm.'

    - GARY C.

    'Overall, this sauce is truly amazing if you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest giving it a try because it truly encompasses a Bajan style sauce with a beautiful flavor profile'


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